Local Musicians

Edmonton and the surrounding area is home to an amazingly diverse collection of musicians and bands from every imaginable style and genre.

Jazz, Rock, Metal, Blues, Singer Songwriters, Folk and other artists all live and perform in the many venues around town.


active local musicians and bands

If you or your band are gigging or want to be, and we don't have you listed, please head over to our Artist & Band Sign-Up page and follow a few simple steps to get you and your events into the system.

Artist & Band Sign-Up

100 Mile House - Folk
A/B Trio - Jazz
ABtrio - Jazz
Abusin' The Blues - Blues
Acheson - Indie
Adam Holm - Folk
audio/rocketry - Acoustic
Back Porch Swing - Bluegrass
Bebop Cortez - Electro
Benjamin Williams - Classical

Blue Chair Band - Jazz
Blunt Force Charm - Indie
Boogie Patrol - Funk
Boom Boom Kings - Rock Blues
Brad Bucknell - Indie
Breaking the Silent - Thrash Metal
Brett Hansen - Jazz
Brett Miles - Jazz
Brother Octopus - Indie Rock
Cantilon Choirs - Classical

Carson Cole - Blues Rock
CC and High Ryder - Country
Celtara - Celtic
Celtic Fusion Illusion - Celtic Rock
Charlie Austin - Jazz
Charlie Jacobson - Blues
Chill Factor - Classic Rock
Chloe Albert - Acoustic
Chronic Rock - Cover Artist
Civil Savage - Black Metal

Cleanse Kill - Death Metal
Colleen Brown - Folk
Colleen Rae - Country
Craig Brenan - Jazz
Cramer Brothers - Jazz
Curtis Haracsi - Rock
Dahlia and The Villans - Cover Artist
Dan Skakun - Jazz
Darrell Barr - Country

Demon Republic - Metal
Derina Harvey Band - Celtic Rock
Don Berner - Jazz
Don Segberg - Rock
Doug Berner - Jazz
Doug Bishop - Country
Doug Stroud - Cover
Duff Robison - Folk
Dylan Farrell - Blues
Explorations in Mediterranean Jazz - Jazz

Falklands - Rock
Feast or Famine - Dub
Fire Next Time - Folk Rock
Funkafeelya - Funk
Fusionauts - Jazz
Great North Blues Band - Blues
Hawaiian Dreamers - Hawaiian
Heather McKenzie - Pop
Hot Club Edmonton - Jazz
Huge Fakers - Rock

Jake Buckley - Folk
Jazz Passages Trio - Jazz
Jeari Czapla - Jazz
Jeff Hendrick - Jazz
Jeff Morris - Roots
Jerrold Dubyk - Jazz
Jezibelle - Metal
Jim Findlay - Jazz
Joe Nolan - Roots
Joel Fafard - Roots

John Hewitt - Americana
Jr. Gone Wild - Country
Kaley Bird - Folk
Kat Danser - Blues
Keri Lynn Zwicker - Celtic
Kim Gates - Rock
Love Junk - Rock
Lynne Chwyl - Blues
Manraygun - Folk Rock
Mats Eilertsen - Jazz

Mbira Renaissance - Mbira
Midnight Thunder - Country
Million Dollar Dreamers - Big Band
Mourning Wood - Rock
Mr. Suede - Cover Artist
Mustard Smile - Rock
Nathan Quellette - Jazz
Olga Osipova - Jazz
Paul Johnston - Jazz
Paul Richey - Jazz

Pepperland - Tribute
Potatohed - Rock
Pro Coro - Classical
Purity Ring - Synthpop
Queen of Kings - Rock
RadioActive - Rock
Ranger Creek Wranglers - Country
Rault Brothers Band - Blues
Richard Blaze - Blues
Richard Eaton Singers - Choir

Roayl Canadian Artillery Band - Military
Royal Tusk - Rock
Rusty Reed - Blues
Sandro Dominelli - Jazz
Shawnee Kish - Singer/Songwriter
Shelbi - Rock
Shelley Jones - Jazz
Short of Able - Rock
Stephanie Urquhart - Jazz
Tacoy Ryde - Rock

Terry McDade - Jazz
The Architekts - Funk
The Avey Brothers - Blues
The Berner Brothers - Jazz
The Blue Cupids - Blues
The California Cure - Rock
The Carolines - Country
The Gibson Block - Rock and Roll
The James Band - Blues Rock
The Oddibles - Cover Artist

The Party Hog - Parody
The Royal Foundry - Alt Pop
The Syndicate - Jazz
Tim Isberg - Folk
Tom Wilson - Rock
Trainwreck - Rock
Warning to Avoid - Rock and Roll
Willy James - Indie
Youth Orchestra of Northern Alberta - Classical
Zero Something - Indie Rock