David Jukebox Leigh

Country Singer/Songwriter

A classically trained singer from Edmonton, multi-instrumentalist and original songwriter, David Jukebox Leigh began his musical training in Royal Conservatory Piano and drums at a very young age. His parents, Dave and Tia Leigh were prominent members of their church choir, the Willan Chorale, and his father Dave Leigh Sr. was a founding member of the UofA Male Chorus over 50 years ago.

Jukebox believes in high energy entertainment, honoring the classics, mastering the hot hits of today, and writing truly unique originals that forge new genres while respecting musical traditions.

"I just have as much fun as I can on stage. Whether I’m singing solo, or with my backing band, that’s all I really care about is everyone having fun. I songs people know, and I do some of my own. Some of it sounds Country, some of it’s Pop, and some sounds downright Punk Rock, because that’s the world I came from."
- David Jukebox Leigh

Where to Catch Him

Where to Listen

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Venues Jukebox has played:

Henry Singer Ballpark